little trouble boy

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bringing back the magic.

Ok. I have been of utmost negligence with this bloggy-thing. I can't believe I haven't touched it since July!!

Actually, of course i believe it. I am the least convicted person I know.....or at least the 2nd.


The Top Ten in NEWS!!! for Lil' T-boy:

1. I am FINALLY in school!
2. I will no longer be working for Starfucks in less than 2 months.
3. Made it a whole year in a relationship.
4. I've gotten fatter than I have ever been.
5. I'm about to be jobless and poor, with looming school debts, but couldn't be happier about that.
6. I deleted my Myspace after 5 years. 100% Facebook.
7. I am going to start making dioramas as a hobby.
8. I poached fish for the first time tonight without a recipe. It was damn good.
9. Just made a rum and orange-mango juice despite the fact I have to be @ work @ 7am, and it is almost 2. Fuck it! Gonna lose this job soon anyway!
10. Will NEVER be in upper management of a major corporation, or ever take a job that entails selling my soul to said company. Never.

Oh yeah, totally making an A in my first class. Wish me further luck.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

120 minutes?

drunk as hell past 3 in the morning at my moms house (she is out of town, just minding the cats and drinking her scotch), was clued into the fact that 120 minutes exists on vh1 classic? i grew up on the golden days of mtv's version, and it was sooo good. i still to this day need to hear chapterhouse from time to time, or need to see a much younger, less molester morrissey gyrate on stage sporting a smiths shirt (somehow, such shameless promotion is forgiven. i think it's because morrissy is really a ghost.)
in the 15 minutes the aforementioned program has been on, the line-up has been mostly encouraging. i do miss the banal banter of dave kendall in comparison to the repeated ads for acne meds and penis enhancers.

i really think i will not be completely fulfilled on nostalgic levels, but it'll do for now.

luckily mom has a really nice stash of good, good herb here.

sleep soon.

p.s. sorry for the worst post ever. single malt scotch and high grade pot. and! this is (of course) not the 120 minutes of my youth. jesus, i'm fucking old.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

i've been a terrible blogger.

here are the quick updates.

1. my store is getting shut down
2. i am looking (not actively) for a new job
3. lisa and i just got a (used) king sized bed. it's a bit daunting.
4. i don't have a farmers tan for the first time in many years.
5. i have decided against getting the new iphone (as much as i hate to admit it, jole and rowdy are right).
6. lisa thomas is the biggest retard i know (but i still love the shit out of her).
7. i have gained alot of weight, alot in my book. have not been riding enough and there is a race on sunday i am dreading. ugh.
8. i really, really want a new vespa
9. i still hate my job, drink too much, can't save a fucking dime, but am relatively happy.
10. i should go to bed now and not have another vodka tonic, but i'm fucking stupid.

more to come soon..... iswear.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

get on the bus!

the following are old entries in the old city bus journals. enjoy.



i just missed the bus. i'm on my way to the dentist. i was going to ride my bike today, but it was pouring when i woke up, so i called jole to take me to starbucks. i got some coffee and left promptly, sometimes i hate that place. i needed a composition book and a pen, so i went to dollar tree (i'm in love with dollar stores). got what i needed ($2.17), and walked toward the camp bowie bus stop across from el fenix only to see the #2 sail by. somebody just honked at me. it's totally dreary, yet humid out today and my throat feels like i swallowed a g.i. joe. i just got thru taking antibiotics for a sore throat. i have the immune system of a paper towel. i should buy some vitamins today.


started raining again right as the bus rolled up. a lady at the stop invited me to share her umbrella, i politely declined. this bus is too cramped to write.


i got off the bus at best buy as the scary old lady was getting on. this lady, never changes clothes. always clad in the same bright green skirt, gaudy multi-blue blouse, and dirty white flats with no socks. it's hard to gauge how old she is. she wears her make up like a clown and looks like she dyes her hair with black shoe polish. she always has a cart with her. sometimes she nods off on the bus. she might be mexican. she looks like a witch. i don't want to see the dentist.


god, novocaine sucks!



sitting at the bus stop on university across from the park village shopping center waiting on the #7. i decided to get up earlier than usual to have breakfast. i had a dream about eating french toast, so i treated myself to some at denny's. i also ate eggs (over hard), bacon, sausage, and orange juice.
i normally ride my bike on the river trails to 7th st. and take the #2 to my store. today however, i'm not feeling that active. plus, i wore jeans, and it is a bit warm to ride in such attire.
where is the (text missing)


i'm on the #7 now, but i am the only one. nothing to report.


the bus has stopped for a minute. it picked up a lady.i think she had been to a museum. i just saw that the marquee for will rogers coliseum says that morrissey is playing tomorrow. what an odd place for him to perform. museum lady has a map out. the driver seems to be giving her directions, but all i can hear is les savy fav. i gotta pee really bad.


about 7 high school kids have gotten on the bus. they are all wearing white t-shirts and blue or black pants. i wonder (text missing) they are juvenile delinquents. maybe they are orphans. two of the boys looks really dopey. the kids are talking about lawyers. they must've fucked up bad.


there are some characters on the #2. too many to describe. this overweight woman with an afro and a gold tooth is eating a piece of fudge and doesn't seem to sure about it. seems to be a lot of fat people on here today. when i was getting on, some thug stepped on my heel. i shot him a glare, he gave me a delayed apology. too cramped to write. i'll update later if necessary.


upon further inspection, it's not fudge, but a powerbar. no wonder the apprehensive looks.


jones just called, but i did not answer because i hate talking on the phone in a crowd. this bus is packed. a very small latino woman with a shitload of make-up and a red skullcap bandana sat next to me. she is eating fritos out of a crumpled napkin. i hate the smell of fritos. i really, really have to piss.



i'm running late today (kinda). today, i took the bike trail to 7th. i realized on the way, i forgot to grab bus fare. i bought an energy bar for sustenance ( and to get cash back) from the 7-11 by the wreck room. rode to the stop with just enough time to finish my protein bar. i crammed the remainder in my mouth and put my bike on the bus rack. see, i always put my bike on the rack closest to the front of the bus (the rack hold only 2 bikes) as a courtesy to other riders, so they can have have easier access to the other slot. however, the driver motions for me to put it in the other slot. i do so, and enter the bus and ask "what's wrong with the closer slot?" the asshole replies "nothing. i just don't want it there." i gave him a look and sat down.
oh to wield such power. fucking asshole. i'm almost to work. scary clown lady is sleeping across from me. she's wearing a purple blouse today.



sitting at the stop at the intersection of camp bowie/ university/ 7th waiting for the #2. i can't see the bus at all. at the stop with me is a big lady in blue stretch pants and glasses with really thick lenses. it is such a gorgeous day out. it's a damn shame i have to work inside. i'm all sweaty from biking. i really should start riding all the way to work again, but then i would miss out on possible bus experiences.


hmmm. nothing exciting today. there is a fat boy in the back wearing a sleeveless metallica shirt and a pantera ball cap and a septum piercing reading a dungeons and dragons book. there is a fat girl trying to nap, but can't seem to get comfy.



at the stop on camp bowie near 7th/uni/etc... finally see the bus. there is a latino thug in a big puffy jacket, thug boots, and baggy jeans. he was eating a pen, but is now laying down on the bench.


i just got to my store. i couldn't write on the bus because it was probably the most crowded i have ever seen it. it was full of ugly people. here is a brief list of what i saw:

-tons of thugs
-two young black girls talking about their numerous babies
-a fat white lady with gangster tats (the one on her neck said tripp in cursive), pigtails, and 4,000 barrettes in her hair
-an old man with blue ears (seriously, he had fucking blue ears!!!)
-one of the thugs was clutching a handful of dvds including jet li's the enforcer, reign of fire (dragons right?), and the new dawn of the dead.
-an old lady that smelled like an ashtray that clipped her fingernails right next to me.

god bless public transportation.



on the #2 going to work. i'm totally sick. at the back of the bus, there is a big black guy eating sunflower seeds and spitting them in the corner. some people.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

girlfriend application.

must meet the following criteria:

1. must be funny. i mean like really funny. a broad spectrum of dry wit and extreme silliness.
2. must be very attractive, but not act like yr shit don't stink because yr hot.
3. must own and actively ride at least one bicycle (cruisers will be tolerated, but you will catch scornful glares).
4. no vegans or vegetarians, carnivores preferred. i like to cook meat.
5. must enjoy food and drink with zeal.
6. no eating disorders
7. no bi-polars, manic depressives, or clinically insane girls. a little crazy is awesome, but not the "i stopped taking my meds and now i am going to stab you" crazy.
8. no smokers (a few fags at the bar is fine).
9. no stoners.
10. no hippies
11. no idiots.
12. must, must, must enjoy sex.
13. must have really good taste in music and movies (this is crucial).
14. must LOVE cats. allergics need not apply.
15. no runners. nothing personal, i just have extreme prejudice against running. don't ask why.
16. must be independent, but sweet.
17. must communicate.
18. a hatred of mayo would be ideal.
19. agnostic or atheist please.
20. must love bacon.

rules subject to change.
not currently accepting applications.